Case Studies

Peter P. - World Financial Group

Dr. Meilin Howard - Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Howard, Howard Family Dental came to Premiere Lead Systems six months ago looking for a way to economically and efficiently generate new patients. The current methods were not producing the volume and quality she needed for her practice.

Six months later we have now generated over 350 leads for her practice, and she is currently in negotiations to purchase a second practice.

Key Rex Properties

A real estate investment and sales company in St. Louis, MO, Key Rex Properties was one of Premiere Lead Systems first clients. Primarily engaged in real estate investments, they were experiencing difficulty in selling their refurbished properties in a rapid fashion.

After months of sitting on the market with no leads or prospects, Premiere Lead Systems was contracted to launch a robust lead generation campaign for their real estate sales efforts. Within two weeks, two of their stagnant properties were sold.

Additionally, in less than 6 weeks we generated over 400 unique buyer leads for their real estate campaign.

Keller Hearing

Keller Hearing began working with Premiere Lead Systems in March of 2017. Ryan Langson, owner and CEO, had several marketing objectives in which he required assistance with. These objectives included:

  1. A complete marketing program to clarify his brand's message and USP
  2. Redesigning his website.
  3. Upgrading his SEO for local search purposes
  4. Launching a YouTube and social media strategy

Edwin Dearborn, CEO or Premiere Lead Systems, began working with Ryan on writing a complete marketing program and plan which clarified Keller Hearing's USP and brand's messaging.

Next, Jason Bond worked with Ryan to upgrade the look and SEO of his website. Over 100 new citation links were added, as well as making the site more user-friendly for visitors.

Through multiple marketing and sales initiatives, Keller Hearings sales grew significantly and now was able to purchase a second location in Henderson, NV which will double their presence and sales within 2017.

Matterhorn Business Development

Matterhorn Business Development is sales training company which services many fields, which include real estate, mortgage companies, and insurance brokers.

They are a new startup out of the Tampa, Florida area. Their CEO, Greg Winteregg, contacted Premiere Lead Systems to manage their Facebook advertising campaigns. initially, they had been doing this in-house with not great success. In a matter of few weeks under our management, we dramatically lowered the cost-per-click and lead acquisition. Moreover, we more than doubled their response in a matter of a few short weeks.

More leads and sales are occurring, as well as many of the leads have turned out to be top management influencers who are now referring, even more, business, all as a result of their initial contact with them through our Facebook ad initiatives.

United Home Financing

United Home Financing was using other vendors for lead generation but found them to be expensive and their leads of poor quality. In the first quarter of 2017, United Home Financing approached Premiere Lead Systems for some fresh and cost-effective solutions for lead generation.

In a matter of weeks, a simple social media advertising campaign was launched and new leads were being generated within days. United Home Financing is now working with us to increase the use of our services by 500% over the course of 2017.


Lender Funnel

As a loan originator for home buyers, Lender Funnel desired to generate home buyer leads so as to offer their prospective customers a wide arrange of loan programs. Located in Irvine, California, Lender Funnel operates in an extremely competitive marketplace.

Lender Funnel approached Premiere Lead Systems in the summer of 2016. By autumn of 2016, Premiere Lead Systems launched an initial beta test to see how competitive we could deliver results in a highly saturated market: Southern California.

Within the first 30 days of launch, Premiere Lead Systems was delivering unique leads on a daily basis for under $5.00 per lead.

In 2017, we expanded our efforts to leverage both Facebook and YouTube. In one year, we have generated over 50,000 views of their YouTube videos which now routinely produce leads for them every week for. Further, we are now generating leads for Lender Funnel at a lower cost per lead ($3.50 per).

Custom Wood Shutters & Blinds

Premiere Lead Systems was hired by Custom Wood Shutters & Blinds to increase their local presence on search engines and review sites.

With the delivery of our Premiere Link Building service, as well as coaching them on how to build robust content within their website, we were able to rank their website for over 200 local keywords on page 1 of Google. In fact, their website routinely ranks in numerous positions on page 1 of Google for these top keywords.

Last year, Customs Wood Shutters & Blinds experienced their highest level of organic lead generation in their 25-year history, as well as their highest level of annual revenue.

In addition to our efforts to increase their rankings with proven SEO, Premiere Lead Systems is also now managing their Facebook ad campaign to reach specific homeowners within their geographical zone.

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