Top selling agents know: Success in real estate is determined by how many high-quality, exclusive leads you can generate and then convert into closings. Without a consistent flow of genuine leads, you’re dead in the water.

But the secret to creating a powerful real estate sales funnel…

…is frustrating and time-consuming!

Facebook Marketing For Real Estate Agents

You already know how challenging it is to generate new leads from social media and online marketing. Branding yourself online in a cost-effective manner – which opens the door to more leads – is extremely difficult.

But there’s a genuine reason to believe again that you can now 10X your digital lead flow!

Premiere Lead Systems has developed a proven lead generation system which delivers to you EXCLUSIVE and targeted leads.

Real people, real deals.

We’ve discovered that we must to brand you as THE “go to” agent – the local expert with the ability to get your prospect’s property found and/or sold.

With over 1.3 billion members worldwide, Facebook remains the largest social network site. According to the 2013-14 REALTOR® Technology Survey Report, the majority of REALTORS® who do use social media for their real estate business tend to use it mainly to build relationships/network (70%) and for visibility, exposure, marketing (64%).

Are you using Facebook as part of your real estate marketing? Beyond the basics, how are REALTORS® using Facebook in their business?

This updated field guide goes over the basics, reviews current security settings, and explores how REALTORS® are using the social network to build their brand.

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