Every Problem With Your Cash Flow Is Solved By One Activity: Promotion

Promotion Must Become Your Superpower

Increase Your Cash Flow

Nothing impacts the cash flow like promotion. Moreover, nothing is more inspiring to you as a business owner or entrepreneur than getting new clients and increasing sales.

According to a U.S. Bank study 82% of businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problems. 40% of small businesses are profitable, 30% break even and 30% are continually losing money. Well over half of existing small businesses are well on their way to eventual failure.

Add to this problem that borrowing more money for most is not an option, nor is generating investor dollars a rapid and sustainable solution for the majority of small business. This leaves promotion as their only practical solution.

The BIG question you need to answer immediately is, “How do I effectively promote so as to increase my cash flow within my current budget?

The cash flow you seek must come from some inexhaustible resource. And that very resource is customers. New ones and existing ones.

You must get new customers while always retaining the old. New ones are like silver, existing ones are pure gold. When you master promoting to both so as to generate sales, you increase your cash flow.

Every problem in the world is solved by promotion.

Think about it.

You need more money and better cash flow? Then you need to promote yourself, your product, or your service more effectively.

Can’t get funding for something needed? Promote the hell out of it.

CASH FLOW solves problems.

And you can’t get cash flow without effective and continual promotion.


Every business needs promotion to grow and stay profitable.

It’s not just a one-time thing. Your promotion must be continued and rolling 24/7.

Three Steps To Effective Promotion

  1. Stand out as the trusted leader. (Branding)
  2. Attract so much attention, thus creating massive opportunities and leads. (Marketing)
  3. Systems are in place to convert leads into customers. (Sales)

These three disciplines and practices must work in tandem to create the consistent, viable cash flow you demand.

For most small businesses increasing sales is the most proactive and positive path to increasing their cash flow. But unfortunately, but too many dig themselves deeper into debt while struggling on figuring out how to increase their sales.

I saw this first hand, thirty-four years ago. My parents took out a second mortgage on their house to start a business that they were ill-prepared for. But with big dreams, they risked everything and then eventually lost it all.

Their problem: Going into debt for a business they did not know how to promote and make profitable.

The dream seemed bigger than the reality of how to promote their business. Dreams are important, but in business your dream needs to be built upon practical know-how and proven systems in the areas of promotion (i.e., branding, marketing and sales).

The Core Problem

Branding, marketing and sales has radically changed in this very decade. Additionally, 51 percent of owners of small businesses are 50-88 years old, and they know that they are completely in the dark on new, emerging promotional platforms and strategies.

Branding, marketing, and even sales has elevated to a new standard. They are moving faster and broader, built upon complex platforms. Video marketing, digital advertising, and even basic social media skills are overwhelming to most business owners.

The Obvious, But Not-So-Easy Solution

One must learn enough to know how to build a team of personnel, either as partners, employees or outside contractors, to help deploy one’s effective promotional strategy.

Premiere Lead Systems is a group of experienced and agile promotional experts. Contact us on how we can help you increase your cash flow with effective promotional strategies.