With the constant evolution of technology, it’s imperative to stay up to date. Where SEO use to be on the cutting edge, it is now slow, and Facebook is Fast. Websites are static; lead funnels are dynamic. Welcome to the modern era of social selling.  Welcome to Premiere Lead Systems.

Cold-calling and SEO are going the way of the dinosaur for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups. Customers are savvier, and technology has become quite advanced in shutting your ad messages off. Your competitors have access to the same resources as you do but are they taking advantage?

What Is Our Competitive Advantage?

It’s really simple: Speed of execution with proven techniques. Possessing the knowledge is a small step forward, but without execution, you are just a smart business owner who is poor. Social Selling is about leveraging paid social media advertising to build a sales funnel and as my father used to say;

Fish Where the Fish Are!

Premiere Lead Systems - Fish Where the Fish Are

Your customers (the fish) are swimming in this giant lake called Facebook, as well as these rivers called YouTube and Email. This is where the lead generation opportunity begins because spending money to take them out of the lake and rivers and then put them into your pond (your website) is too expensive.

The apps that are getting the most usage are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Gmail, and Instagram. All of these offer paid methods to reach people, or to reach them in a more intelligent fashion.

If you want quick, highly cost-effective results when it comes to lead generation and business development, then stop worrying about SEO and stop beating your head in with cold-calling. Social Selling is the answer.

Think social media isn’t a sustainable digital marketing solution? Think again!

With 74% of online adults using social networking sites, there are more eyes on social than ever before. Two big names in social media, Facebook and Twitter, have evolved to ensure that advertising on their sites will continue to be a precise and dynamic option for digital marketers.

By continually expanding ways that marketers can reach targeted audiences, Facebook and Twitter are solidifying their position as the cornerstones of many brands’ long-term digital marketing plans.

Facebook is already a targeting utopia due to its robust user base and detailed profile information.

A lot has changed in Facebook advertising — such as targeting — over the past year or so. For instance, you can upload your email list and create a targeted audience out of them. Also, you can retarget people coming to your website or a landing page.

A landing page is a small one-page site with the sole purpose of gathering email addresses from potential customers by offering something useful in exchange for their contact info.

This means that established businesses can use Facebook ads to drive loyal customers back to their locations through the use of landing pages and sales funnels.

Facebook is a dynamic growth opportunity for any business. Without a Facebook marketing strategy in place, your plans are incomplete in how new customers are generated in today’s business world.

Premiere Lead Systems allows you to generate the very lifeblood for your business: New Clients!

Today, marketing online goes well beyond a perfectly optimized website. It costs a lot of money to drive business to your website. And even then, there are no assurances that visitors will become new clients.

With so many challenges and competition, you must go where the customers already are, such as Facebook and YouTube, to win the digital marketing battle.

Premiere Leads Systems places your brand where the audience already is. Moreover, it gets audiences to take action by giving their most valuable contact data for follow-up: the email address. By placing ads on popular social sites where millions of people are hanging out, we can target your ads with laser precision. By offering your target audience valuable “freemiums”, they opt-in to take advantage of your free offer. This can be a free report, a free eCourse, or even a free VIP membership.

Automatically, our systems then follow up with a “drip campaign” that nurtures them with great content and enticing call-to-action steps, such as purchasing a book, receiving a free introductory service, or scheduling an appointment.

Premiere Lead Systems Packages Include:

  • A customized Facebook marketing strategy to target your ideal clients
  • Complete landing page and ad A/B split testing until a winner emerges
  • One landing page which gives the offer in exchange for contact information
  • 9-12 follow-up emails based on your campaign, written by a pro copywriter, delivered by our automated email marketing system.
  • Call to action buttons within each email
  • Share with a friend links within each email
  • Complete email tracking and performance analytics
  • Lead notification and automatic follow up
  • Monthly performance reports of ads, landing page, and email
  • and Much More!

You set the daily budget. You can set it as low as $20.00 per day and then increase it when you generate results. The ad budget can scale, up or down, to suit your needs.

Contact Premiere Lead Systems today to get started.