Several major functions of intelligent monitoring. 1 article accurate make it clear!

Several major functions of intelligent monitoring

functions of intelligent monitoring are integrated with intelligent behavior recognition algorithms in embedded video servers, which can identify and judge the behavior of people or vehicles in the scene, and generate alarms to prompt users under appropriate conditions.

In the visual practice of the human eye, it can be realized that the human eye sees a large-scale panoramic image including a 150-degree viewing angle, and the only thing that is really clear is the focus of attention. Similarly, the monitoring screen of the video surveillance camera does not really need to pay attention to the entire screen, but only a small part of it.

If the camera can identify the focus of monitoring by itself, and each time it transmits, displays, and stores this truly useful part of the screen, then the effectiveness of video monitoring will be greatly improved, the pressure of image transmission will be reduced, the storage volume and storage devices will be greatly reduced, and the investment benefits of the project will be greatly improved.

Intelligent monitoring

Intelligent monitoring makes this wish possible. Intelligent monitoring is an embedded video server that integrates intelligent behavior recognition algorithms. It can identify and judge the behavior of people or vehicles in the scene, and generate alarms to prompt users under appropriate conditions. At present, intelligent monitoring mainly has the following functions.

functions of intelligent monitoring identification function

It can distinguish the category of moving objects, whether it is a car, a motorcycle, a person, or an airplane, etc. License plate recognition based on this is widely used. If the video scene is a road intersection or a community entrance and exit. As long as the license plate area has appeared in the video, the device can automatically identify the license plate number; and prompt the user in text.

It can be used for illegal vehicle inspections, such as a certain license plate vehicle that escapes after an accident and does not know where to go. If there are intelligent video recognition servers at all major intersections in the city. The system only needs to set one or several license plate numbers that need to be inspected to each intelligent device in the system through the network at one time. Once the vehicle with this license plate appears in the field of view, it can immediately alarm. Save a lot of police resources.

Efficiency improves with the functions of intelligent monitoring in place
Efficiency improves with the functions of intelligent monitoring in place

functions of intelligent monitoring positioning tracking

After identifying the moving object, the trajectory of its movement through the place can be drawn behind the moving element. In public places such as squares and stations, people are moving around, and the device can display and record the movement trajectory of each person. If a person wanders in the field of vision for a long time, the device will automatically alarm to prompt the discovery of suspicious behavior.

functions of intelligent monitoring of vehicle speed measurement and traffic statistics

During the monitoring process, the intelligent device can automatically calculate the speed of each vehicle passing through, and immediately alarm when speeding.

Intelligent devices can identify passing pedestrians and vehicles, and can also count the number of people or vehicles passing by. Imagine at an intersection or at the entrance of a convention and exhibition center, installing an intelligent surveillance camera device can count the passing traffic or pedestrian flow. Provide more and more timely information for bus dispatch.

functions of intelligent monitoring of abnormal behavior warning

In the field of intelligent transportation, such as one-way streets, or the exits or entrances of stations and airports, the traffic and pedestrian flow are all in one direction. Once someone goes against the flow, the system will automatically identify it and generate an alarm.

In public place monitoring, originally clean walls are randomly posted with advertisements, phone calls or graffiti, which is detrimental to the city appearance. With intelligent monitoring system equipment, such graffiti can be discovered in time and alarmed in time. In addition, abnormal behaviors of people or vehicles can be discovered in time, such as sudden running, falling, chasing and beating, etc. The system will discover and remind managers in time.

The biggest difference between intelligent monitoring and traditional monitoring is intelligence. China’s security monitoring industry is developing rapidly and is relatively popular, but traditional monitoring is highly dependent on people and is very labor-intensive. Intelligent monitoring can realize intelligent judgment through machines, so as to achieve what people want to do as much as possible, greatly improving the effectiveness of monitoring.

The functions of intelligent monitoring include real-time data analysis
The functions of intelligent monitoring include real-time data analysis