Our 7 Step Process For Success

1. Strategic Planning

Before we start implementing your Facebook ad campaign funnels for you, we need to do some initial research and planning including:

    • Researching your ideal target audience
    • Consulting with your team about your different clients, offers, sales funnels, etc.
    • Discussing your current subscriber and customer list assets.
    • Discussing the goals and expectations of the editorial division of your company and how using Facebook to amplify your content marketing will integrate into our strategy.
    • We will do a thorough demographic and psychographic research and analysis of potential target audiences for each of your campaigns.

It is likely new opportunities will arise during the course of implementing and managing your program. It is also likely that some tactics will prove more effective than others. In either case, we will modify the plan accordingly.

2. Identify the Gaps/ Opportunities/ Challenges in Current Ad Campaigns

  • Establish goals/expectations for current and future campaigns
  • Complete analysis of current advertising campaigns to identify areas of opportunity
  • Full audit of the current advertising campaigns using various look back periods of one year, six months three months and one month with full analysis completed by our on staff with data analyst as well as ad manager staff
  • Identifying areas of improvement in your sales funnel
  • Consulting on funnel refinements, and an initial implementation of advertising strategies to capitalize on these improvements.

3. Creative Phase and Backend Setup and Automation

Our design team will work with your team on the creative phase along with getting to work searching for stock images and designing images for the various ad types and campaigns. Our team will work collaboratively with your team with coming up with ad copy for each respective campaign so we have the best possible message to market match. Facebook ads are very image focused, yet we do have different tactics we use to try and get compelling text into some of our images to help get higher click through rates.

  • Current list asset uploading and Custom Audience creation
  • Conversion pixel placement and testing
  • Website custom audience implementation
  • Creation of Lookalike Audiences off Custom Audience and other assets
  • Conversion pixel and website custom audience placement
  • Collection of collateral content which will be helpful to your campaign (testimonials, case studies and videos)
  • Collaborate with your design team to design and create ad creatives and edit Facebook friendly copy

4. Insights and Optimization

This is where we analyze your campaigns to find “low-hanging fruit” to capitalize on and scale out better performing campaigns and ads. We use both Facebook’s data and external proprietary methods of collecting the most accurate data to determine what is providing the best return on investment. We then make modifications to the campaign based on the information gathered.

We will be tracking a number of Facebook metrics as well as conversion metrics related to your core objective. (Example: Customer acquisition costs, lead costs, etc.) Based on the initial analysis enhancements will be implemented.

5. Ongoing Creative Creation and Split-Testing

  • Continually optimize and create the best performing ad creatives compliant with Facebook’s terms of services for the various ad types with Facebook. Depending on the type of content being promoted, the most appropriate Facebook ad type will be used for each creative
  • Ad Copy Revisions and Split-Testing
  • Work collaboratively on Facebook compliant ad copy to attain the best possible message to market match
  • We will revise ad copy to utilize Facebook-compliant, compelling ad copy to gain the highest ad click-through rates (CTR), resulting in lower cost per click (CPC), lowest possible cost per lead (CPL) and cost per sale (CPS)

6. Funnel Optimization Strategy

Ongoing high-level strategic planning to ensure peak performance, along with the critical ability to be able to be adjust strategy according to data.

  • Monitoring traffic through the funnel monitoring for drop-offs in engagement, CTR on email sequences, etc.
  • Advising on requested editorial content from your website, and any other awareness campaigns we initiate to help conversions and boost ROI

7. Ongoing Insights and Optimization

  • Ongoing campaign analysis to capitalize on and scale out better performing campaigns and ads.
  • Continued target audience research and testing
  • Facebook remarketing through Website Custom Audiences (WCAs) and Custom Audiences (CAs)
  • Ongoing optimization using demographic, placement, location and device data

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