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What is a CCTV system

What is a CCTV system

In the 1994 edition of the national standard “GB 50198 Civil CCTV System Engineering Technical Specifications”, CCTV system is defined as:
“Civilian CCTV system refers to the CCTV system used for anti-theft, disaster prevention, inquiry, visitor, monitoring, etc. in civil facilities. It is characterized by the transmission of image signals within a specific range by means of cables or optical cables to achieve long-distance surveillance. Purpose. The system format should be consistent with the general television format. Closed-circuit surveillance television should use a black and white television system; when color signals need to be observed, a color television system can be used. The system should be composed of four main parts: camera, transmission, display and control. When it is necessary to record the image of the surveillance target, a tape recording device should be installed. While monitoring the target, when the sound needs to be monitored, a sound transmission, monitoring and recording system can be configured.

In 2009, the author of this book gave a new definition:
“Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) is one of the important components of the security system. It uses cameras to transmit audio and video signals to display, control and recording equipment through transmission lines. The front-end system and the local transmission system , Local display system, local control system, remote transmission system, and remote control system. The closed-circuit monitoring television system is different from the traditional radio and television system. The traditional radio and television system is one-point transmission and multi-point reception, which is an open The CCTV system (Opened), and the CCTV system is not publicly disseminated (Closed), one point is sent and many points are received (authorization is required), although some monitoring points provide public access services. CCTV systems are often used for security Demand for specific places, such as banks, casinos, entertainment venues, factories, communities, buildings, electricity, highways, airports, or military facilities. With the maturity of technology and the reduction of equipment costs, more and more places adopt surveillance System, such as the construction of a safe city.

The closed-circuit television monitoring system has three basic functions: monitoring, recording and playback. Surveillance mainly means that you can see the real-time pictures of the scene, video recording means recording the video images that can be monitored, and playback means playing the recorded video image data. The functions of image analysis, pre-warning, and post-event prevention can also be realized through more advanced technical means. After expansion, the CCTV system can have audio functions, which can monitor, record and playback audio signals. At the same time, the CCTV system has some intrusion alarm functions. Especially with the development of video analysis technology, to some extent, cameras can replace alarms. Probe.

In fact, after nearly 60 years of development, closed-circuit television monitoring systems have made revolutionary progress from analog systems to digitization, networking, and intelligence. With the influence of cloud computing and big data technology, coupled with the empowerment of artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial Intelligence) technology, the name, definition, and content of closed-circuit television monitoring systems can no longer adapt to the development of the new era, and more advanced systems are needed. , Namely the intelligent video surveillance system.